Poppy Infra Red Girl v5.0



Network: Mina-p.net
Name: Infra Red Girl
Registered: May 2002 (Third Bithday Comin up)
Host: Dreamhost
Registered to: Mouse (Me silly :P)
First Version: Morning Willows
Current Version: Experimental Orange
First Site: Level Headed (Now Defunct)
First Hostee: Heidi

     I started out with websites scatted all about the Internet. I had a website on just about every free host I could find. Some are still in place today. Like most people the banner ads were driving me nuts, but another part of me wanted all my websites at one place. I wanted a collective of websites. I tried my ISP at first that ended up being a disaster. The name wasn't easy to remember, and the ISP went down and lost all the data. Granted, I had it backed up, but I realized I needed a change. May 2002 I officially registered Mina-p.net. ^_^ I've never looked back since.

     The name Mina-p has a lot of personal meaning to me. Mina-p is Sailor Venus's nickname, Sailor Venus being from Sailor Moon. Mina is also my mother's nickname for me. Incidentally, my father's nickname for me is "Mars". ^_~ I chose .net because it's one of my favorite domain names. As for the Infra Red Girl, I'm a red head and red is my father's favorite color, and I'm a girl. I put it all together and ta-da! That's not to say that this is an anime-centered domain, it's not. With so much personal meaning, Mina-p.net is my domain, my space on the web.

The Web Mouse Stuff
     The first website I build was in 1997/1998 ish period. It was built on Geocities with a webtv. Right away, I realized how little the basic editor could do. However, because I didn't have a computer, I had to learn to hand code for everything I wanted. Now, it's hard to get me on a "What You See is What You Get" editor. ^^;; I'm getting better. I like Frontpage enough. I don't think I really started designing until my first Anime website, Tsunami. Somewhere after I started working on that site, I learned the value of a good art program and how to use an FTP. ^_^

Current Version:
     Experimental orange was conceived in a night's dream. ^^ I wanted a different design. I thought about it. And then, I realized how few people use orange. It took me awhile to really pin down the image that I wanted to use because I don't like use other's images all the time. In this case though, the borrowed California poppy picture worked great. Mixing it in a layout, well like most things I do. I spend hours working on a layout, only to dump it. Then, out of nowhere I piece together something that looks great. Sometimes I wonder where the idea was hiding the whole time. :P <-- Is very silly. The photo used that I used in this layout came from Free Stock Photos