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March 18, 2005

After much proding a new list in the everything else section arrives.

February 18, 2005

Finally updated my playlists. ^_^

February 15, 2005

New version. Experimental Orange. Learn to love the dayglo orange. :P

February 11, 2005

Level Headed and Moon's Waltz have been removed. I've also had to alter a few links to some sites that do not exist any more. ;_; However, on the upside, I've added a link or two, and I have a new hostee! Welcome aboard Kelley.

September 7, 2004

Two items to note. The first is my new layout archive Retired. Sadly, the second is that I've decided to stop play Online Trading Card Games. I really don't have time for them anymore.

August 19, 2004

My fanlisting for JJ x Drake has been approved. *Bounces*

August 18, 2004

Been awhile I know. What did I do drop off the face of the earth or what? Well a good chunk was finishing college. The last few months I just couldn't figure out what I wanted to do. Eventually, I got this. I like it, and yes, I drew it.

October 22, 2003

Got back from Y-Con with some yummy stuff, and I am now in a TCG -- Challenge. The new page is in the Mistress section. Enjoy have fun.

September 10, 2003

Just some general housekeeping. I'm working on updating my playlist, and possible the Wolf's Rain Mp3 archive. ^^;; I've decided to at least make it a proper site. The only good news is: New Links!

March 27, 2003

A totally new section- My section. Go yonder.

March 13, 2003

More Linkage fun. What can I say. I'm awaiting Ryu's site reopening! ^_^

March 3, 2003

It's 3-3-3. Funky weird huh? Anyway, I didn't do much, but I updated the sites to reflect the journal I am posting in. It's impossible with Pitas to change past entries. Drives me nuts. I updated the links a bit. My friends links should be expanding soon too. Yeah. I love links.

December 31, 2002

Egads has it been that long? To make a long story shorter, I had a project, finals, and got sick. Fortunately, the school stuff is over with. I had time to finish this layout. I plan on adding a few sites and moving a few onto this server. I also have to recoded Level Headed, and update it. I realize I'm more than a bit behind, but I really didn't have a choice.

October 7, 2002

Well, as the title says "Happy Halloween". I'm playing FF7 by myself for the first time. I said "By myself". I do know the story, and I played partially before. It sort of inspired me, and it is Halloween. As such, I sort of wanted an easier to load version. As well as an easier to update version. Hence the change. I should mention that I won't be able to update for a while. For that, I'm sorry, but school pressures really got to me. I'm taking the last of my 300 level courses because of it I'll be too busy to do a lot. Sorry, I wish I could be more helpful. I'm hoping to update again towards the middle of November.

September 15, 2002

I added a link to MJade's pita, which I made for her. It turned out really rather well. That might be because I used PhotoShop 6.0. I'm surprised anyway. So what are you still here for Visit!

August 26, 2002

Well, it's a little more browser friendly thanks to the good advice from Red of Windian.co.uk. I know the load speed is a bit better. I got the images and down as I possibly can. It wasn't easy at all, but I did it. ::Sighs:: I'll have to watch that from now on.

August 25, 2002

I know this thing takes a bit to load on a dial-up, I'm working on trying to increase the load speed of this page. It means playing with the images to get all of them down to at least 121K together. Err, This is driving me crazy.

August 24, 2002

Where have I been? New layout! Fall's. It's called the Lost Boys err maybe I've been watching too many 80's movies. I hope to add some more stuff around here as Fall continues. I've gone back to school, which I hope means more updates.

May 10, 2002

Wow, my site is working. I know not everything is here, but the important site is. My co-owned site with M_Jade is up. It is a Buffy Fan Fiction Archive. Hope you guys have a blast!


The following are the updates to the main site as well as some of the updates to the individual pages. I find it easier to maintain seperate pages for the updates on each page. It takes longer, but it makes me more organized. Which I'm normally not ^^;; What can I say? Anyway I've arranged this from newest to oldest in US Dating system.